About Us

Market Presence - Domestic

OE Segment
Amalgamations enjoys immense credibility and respect in the OEM markets in India. Its manufacturing strengths, technical competence and manufacturing resource base have contributed significantly to help OEMs accelerate their localisation programmes quite rapidly.

The After-markets
The Group’s after-market reach is also noteworthy in a country that is around 3.2 million square kilometers in size. Its vibrant national distribution network has a strong presence in all key consumption markets and the Group’s brands are in the premium segments, offering highly competitive quality products.

The stable distribution policy framework has enabled the Amalgamations Group to foster an enduring relationship with its channel partners. Late entrants to the industry, particularly in the auto components sector, have used this distribution network as a model. A well executed support system has enabled the Group’s products to build on their brand equity among customers and has been a strong ‘pull’ influence for all its brands.

Market Presence - International

True to the philosophy of achieving synergy, the Amalgamations Group has followed the motto of “Taking India's best to the World and bringing the World's best to India”. The Group Export Promotion Division (GEPD) promotes export of the Group products and wherever necessary, targets to be the one-stop-shop for key international clients, assisting them in sourcing non-group products also from India.

Major export products of the Group relate to Tractors, Parts, Accessories and Farm equipment, Diesel Engines and Spares, Thin wall Engine Bearings, Bushes, Copper alloy powder & Bimetallic strips, Flywheel starter ring gears, Clutch cover assemblies and driven plates, Crankshafts and Forgings, Pistons, Piston Rings & Cylinder liners, Metal Cutting Tools, Diamond Tools and Grinding Wheels, Fuel Injection Pumps, Water Pumps & Oil Pumps, and Nickel Cadmium Batteries. The plantation companies in the Group have been engaged in Tea exports for many years.

While the export of many companies grew steadily over the years, the export of tractors, parts, accessories and farm equipment has been very significant. It is to the credit of the Group that the share of exports to the Group's total turnover has been maintained of late at around 15%.

The exports are handled by the individual companies and GEPD co-ordinates the activities wherever required, besides advising the individual companies on the changes in the industrial/commercial policies of Government, Statutory requirements, etc.

The GEPD maintains very close relationship with various bodies connected with the industries and Government such as CII, EEPC, ECGC, FICCI, ASSOCHAM etc and some of the companies in the Group have been awarded Certificate of Merit for excellence in exports.

Companies in the Group participate in International fairs and exhibitions and Amalgamations as a Group also participates in major events in the country to showcase their products.

It is the firm belief of the Group that export of their products should be stepped up which will not only help to cushion the domestic market fluctuations but will be a challenge for the companies to keep pace with the increasing demand in quality and price.

It is a matter of pride for the Group that all its products are well accepted in the major as well as the niche global markets by discerning customers.