About Us

Amalgamations has an extremely strong technology and manufacturing infrastructure. Time and again, it has forged relationships with leading manufacturers from around the world, to cement partnerships and build on the technology quotient.

The Group has always subscribed to technology leadership at two levels: through organic knowledge that accrues out of a strong research base from within the organisation and out of knowledge of the operational markets; and through strategic tie-ups to leverage strengths. This is why the research and development skills in the Group companies have contributed immensely through continuous product improvement and new product development, for both domestic and export markets. And not surprisingly, many of these facilities have been accorded due recognition by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India.

Amalgamations has also contributed substantially to agricultural research which is the lifeline of the country’s growth. Its large experimental ‘J’ farm plays the catalyst in the transfer of the latest agricultural practices to India’s farming community. It has been the Group’s forte to pioneer farm innovations and develop vital agri-inputs that are nature friendly and bio-degradable for both crop protection and better yields.