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Human Resources

The Amalgamations Group has over 12000 people in its fold. Such a vast reservoir of Human Capital naturally requires a sound Human Resources Management Policy. While the companies in the Group have continuously rationalised their work force in line with technological migration, the Group has always shown that it is oriented strongly towards development of the people who work with it.

The Amalgamations Group follows the tenets of its HR Policy in letter and spirit. It seeks to instill Employee Empowerment through technology, training and organisational development. It follows guidelines that enable workforce commitment, and believes in creating an environment that is full of workers’ choices to learn, develop and mould themselves as champions in many spheres of activity. To support this, it has provided for in-house tailor made training programs at the supervisory and managerial levels to enable such learning filter down various levels in the working system. The Group also seeks to develop the manpower through premier training institutions and in the facilities of its numerous collaborators from around the world.